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Seth Mazzaglia sentenced to life in prison for murder of UNH student

DOVER, NH (WGME) -- He murdered a 19 year old UNH student because she wouldn't have sex with him. Now Seth Mazzaglia will pay for his crime by spending the rest of his life in prison. The convicted killer has never shown any remorse, and didn't on Thursday at his sentencing.

As is the case with so many people behind bars, Seth Mazzaglia denied killing Lizzi Marriott today. This despite the overwhelming evidence against him and the fact that a jury convicted him. Mazzaglia will spend the rest of his life behind bars.

Melissa Marriott, the Victim's mother, told Mazzaglia, quote "I want you to know unequivocally that I hate you." The Marriott family held their tongues throughout this murder trial. Today they told Marriott's killer exactly what they thought of him.

Rebecca Tyning, Lizzi's aunt, said "You are a coward. You are a liar. And you are a thief." Jeff Bailey, Lizzi's uncle, said "Do you feel any remorse for the pain you've caused? How can you look at yourself in the mirror without disgust." And Lizzi's uncle George Bentley said "Rot in hell you degenerate.

Mazzaglia used his girlfriend Kat McDonough to lure Lizzi Marriott to his apartment. McDonough saw Mazzaglia strangle Lizzi from behind and did nothing.

Charlotte Pennington, Lizzi's grandmother, said "You used brute force on Lizzi, not only venting your anger but also sending a message to Miss McDonough as to what could happen to her." And Tony Hanna, Lizzi's uncle, said "You do not care or even think of the beautiful life that you ended."

Family and friends talked about what a wonderful, caring person Lizzi was, and how this bright UNH student was looking forward to becoming a marine biologist. Her parents also spoke of the grief over the loss of Lizzi.

Melinda Marriott, Lizzi's mother, said "I miss Lizzi every day. I wake up in the morning and she's gone. I go to bed at night and she's still gone." And Lizzi's father Bob Marriott said "The anxiety and stress on the people who love Lizzi has been catosrophic. My family is still unable to have a normal life."

Afterwards, Mazzaglia made a brief statement. He denied killing Lizzi Marriott, saying, quote, "I did not rape and murder Elizabeth Marriott." The judge then labeled him a sex offender and sentenced him to life in prison without the possibility of parole.

Lizzi's grandmother Charlotte Pennington "said "Mr. Mazzaglia, you will, as animals do, spend the rest of your life in a cage."Lizzi Marriott's mother also criticized Mazzaglia's defense lawyers for what she described as the despicable and filthy things they said about her daughter. And she said she's just happy Mazzaglia will never hurt another innocent person again.