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Postnup Agreements

PORTLAND (WGME) - Every couple who decides to get married thinks it's going to last but we've heard the stats before. More than half of marriages end in divorce in America and in Maine it's slightly higher.  Some couples get prenups but if you don't have one is there an option after marriage? We found out there is.  It's called a postnup and here in Maine we also discovered we have a lot more of them than many other states.

First comes love.

Michael Martey, father, says, "If you love the person you don't care about anything."

Then comes marriage. 

Andrea Boucher, engaged, says, "We agree that's once it's a decision it's a decision.  And it's for life. And that's where we stand."

Then comes baby.

Crystal Shirley, mother of two, says, "In this day in age, it's harder to be a stay at home mom."

Then comes postnup?

Ken Altshuler, Attorney, Family law, says "Most people don't know postnups exists.  We all know prenups exists."

Postnups are just like prenups.  Its a legal document that says what happens if you get a divorce except after you say your I dos.  Usually when something changes.

Altshuler says, I have had cases where one of the conditions is look I will quit my job my high paying, very successful job to have a child as long as you understand Im off the career track."

And on the mommy-track. With no income.  So some moms want to protect themselves. But lets say you and your spouse did get a prenup in Maine then have kids.

Altshuler says, "Maine is unique in that we have a lot more postnup agreements than other states do."

A prenup is not forever here.

Altshuler says, "If you have a child it becomes invalid.  If you don't you have to renew the prenup agreement after the marriage so that becomes a postnup agreement."

But people we spoke to believe in marriage without a lawyer involved.

Andrea Boucher says, "Making a decision to marry someone is important enough that you would make those decisions without the legal binding being there.

Or love without any legal document to say so.

Crystal Shirley says, "I'm non-traditional.  We've been together for 10 years and we have a wedding planned.  I don't have any prenups or anything in the works.  I figure after 10 years and 2 children that hopefully things work out for the best.

Besides moms staying home to raise their kids, some couples who have been together for decades are getting postnups too.  It usually happens when one person retires and they want the other to give up their job and retire with them.