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Woolwich Family Searches Desperately for Dog

WOOLWICH (WGME) -- Mike Snyder is desperate to find his best friend... a two year old shepherd wolf mix named Whisper. She's been missing for almost two weeks now, after disappearing from her yard.Snyder says his girlfriend let her out as usual but this time she didn't come back.

Snyder says he rescued Whisper from a shelter, a short time after being injured in a car crash that killed his best friend and injured his sister Hannah. That accident was in May 2013. Snyder says with everything he was going through, in the end Whisper really rescued him.

"She helped me get through a lot. Just being there and she could listen to me talk and stuff...just a friend a companion. Someone's that's always there."

Mike Snyder tell us her appearance has him a little bit worried. And that's because he says its coyote season.

Snyder explains, "She looks similar to one. She's a lot bigger and a lot darker... she might be chasing chickens or something, people might be worried it's a coyote and shoot her or shoot at her."

Snyder says Whisper was sighted yesterday in town, and that gives them hope she'll show up on the porch like she usually does. Shout is waiting patiently too.

Snyder says Whisper is friendly but may have an injured foot. He says you shouldn't try to grab or restrain her if you see her. He says get low to the ground, talk to her, and offer her treats if you have them. Most importantly, Snyder says call him immediately at 207-522-6020.