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Man shot in the head thanks first responders

WEST GARDINER (WGME) -- A Raymond man ice fishing in West Gardiner is recovering after being shot in the head by a bullet from a nearby hunter Sunday morning.

When we met Scott Fraley on Monday, he couldn't say "thank you" enough to the men who helped him through the terrifying ordeal.

Friday, Fraley got the chance to shake hands with the two state troopers first on scene.

I really didnt know what to expect when I walked up, if you were going to be dead, alive or what, Trooper Kyle Pelletier said to Fraley.

And I didnt know what was going on, Fraley replied. I couldnt see the wound, I could just see blood and everything on my hand.

Minutes after the first shot hit Fraley, Troopers Kyle Pelletier and Chris Rogers showed up - and the gunfire started again.

Thats when it amped up to that next level, Trooper Rogers said. Something may be happening here, we could be taking on active fire from someone.

Fraley calls it a true act of bravery, as Trooper Pelletier placed his body in between Fraley and the shooter on the other side of Cobbosseecontee Stream.

I didnt want to leave him out there by himself, so I stayed with him, Pelletier said.

When told that some might call him a hero, Pelletier responded, I am just doing my job, cant say I am a hero.

For the Fraley's, no matter how much they say it, it seems thank you will never be enough.

Ive been in combat before and what you guys did out here was amazing, Fraley told the troopers.

But these troopers aren't in it for the recognition, they say standing beside a man who survived a bullet to the head is all the reward they need.

We're just glad hes okay, glad hes able to carry about his life, Trooper Rogers said.

Fraley says fishing is something he loves to do -- even being shot in the head wont stop him.

In fact, before he left West Gardiner Friday, he and his wife invited Trooper Pelletier and Trooper Rogers to go fishing with them this summer.

The Kennebec County District Attorney says the hunter was shooting at small game.

There are no charges yet in the case because the investigation is ongoing.