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CAPE ELIZABETH (WGME) -- There's no better time of the year, to get the freshest fruits and veggies. In this week's What's Growing, Chief Meteorologist Charlie Lopresti shows us the senior farm share program and how it's providing nutritious foods for the elderly.    

At Alewives Brook Farm in Cape Elizabeth, they grow a lot of great vegetables and for seniors there's a great program to take advantage of getting some of that fresh produce.

“The department of agriculture puts on the Maine Senior Farmshare program and it's for seniors who are eligible, said Caitlin Jordan of Alewives Brook Farm. “There are only three requirements. You live in the state of Maine, be over 60 years old and you make less than 21,590 dollars per year.”

For more information on how you can sign up, CLICK HERE

When asked how some goes about taking advantage of the program, Caitlin replied: “You can look up the department of agriculture website and find one of the farms that have signed up to participate in the program. You go there and fill out one of these forms. That's it you just need your name and signature and you go and get your 50 dollars of free vegetables.”

Seniors are also allowed to come down to the farm stand to pick out their vegetables.

“We do it several different ways, we have programs where we go to the senior housing and bring the vegetables and set up tables and let them pick them out like they have gone to a farmers market,” said Caitlin. “We also have farmers markets, the Portland and South Portland, Scarborough farmers market where seniors come down and select their vegetables. We also pre bag some items and send them to the senior residential housing for distribution.
Maine Senior FarmShare program
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