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SANFORD (WGME) - Documents discovered by CBS 13 are revealing new details about a crash on Main Street in Sanford last September that killed a 13-year-old girl. Stephanie Grispi was hit by a truck while riding her bike on a sidewalk. The driver was never charged, and the girls family doesnt understand why.

In a report dated Aug. 6, 2013, the Bureau of Motor Vehicles found the driver of the truck, Stephen Bickford, "did operate the motor vehicle and did negligently cause the death of another person."

"I find his exit from the parking lot was hasty and was without the sufficient degree of care and caution expected and required at this location But for his failure to yield Miss Grispi would not have died, the report said.

A crash report from Maine State Police indicates Bickford "ran a stop sign" and made an "improper turn." The sign at the exit of the Green Tea Restaurant indicates no left turn.

Despite the reports, York County District Attorney Kathy Slattery isn't moving forward with charges against the driver.

The victims father Stephen Grispi is grieving and outraged.

"Its getting close to a year and still not close to any type of justice. I was told it's not worthy of prosecuting. It's the loss of a life. That should be something that any D.A. should take seriously," he said.

Slattery wouldnt do an interview with us. She would only say shed already talked with Stephen Grispi.

"We have met with him. I will meet with him again. Im not going to comment on the case to you any more than that," Slattery said.

Bicyclists in Maine are allowed to ride on sidewalks, but Sanford has an ordinance against it. However, Sanford Police Officer Eric Small testified that because there were no posted signs, Stephanie didn't violate any law or ordinance.

"We tell our kids safest place to be is on a sidewalk; don't play on the street," Grispi said.

Slattery wouldn't say if Stephanie Grispi being on the sidewalk had anything to do with her decision to not charge the driver or if any charges could be coming.

Grispi says he will continue to fight until the case goes to a trial.

Calls and emails to Stephen Bickford and his lawyer haven't been returned. The Secretary of State has suspended Bickford's license for three years.

Investigative Reporter Jon Chrisos13 Investigates: Deadly teen bike crash
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