Homework/Sealcoating your driveway

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SCARBOROUGH ((WPFO)) --   First impressions mean a lot, even with your home.  That's why taking care of the outside is just as important as taking care of the inside.

In this week's Homework, making your driveway pop with sealcoating.

First you need to know when to sealcoat.  A pro from MPM says you need to do it in June, July or August,  because the sun damages your driveway, not just the elements in Winter.

Expect the project to take 3 to 4 hours when it comes to cleaning, prepping and then sealcoating and the final cost should be at least $300-$400.

Sealcoating is very dirty.  AAron Cieslak at MPM says you could very well ruin a nice pair of shoes, some pants and even a shirt.

You start with measuring your driveway so you know how much product to buy.

Clean it by edging with a weedeater and then using a leaf blower to get rid of all the debris.

Next up, filling in the cracks.   It's an essential  step to keep to keep the water from getting down into the base.

Then you dump the sealer, pull out the squeege and spread it all over the driveway starting with the sides.

Make sure it's smooth and another key is making sure you have enough product so you don't get half way done and realize you don't have enough.  By the time you go to the store and come back, it's going to dry and set up and you'll get a much different look.
Last but not least, it takes 24 hours to dry before you can drive your car on it and 8-10 hours before you can walk on it.
Homework/Sealcoating your driveway
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