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Inmate convicted in 1990 murderer dies in Maine prison
July 05, 2015 23:42 GMT

WARREN, Maine (AP) -- An official says an inmate convicted in a 1990 murder has died at the Maine State Prison in Warren.

Deputy Commissioner Jody Breton said in a news release that 63-year-old Willard Eastman died at the prison Sunday afternoon.

The state police and medical examiner's office are investigating the death.

Breton did not return messages seeking further details.

Eastman has been in prison since he was convicted along with Dana A. Craney in 1993 of killing Leon Michaud, a 73-year-old used furniture dealer. Michaud had been shot to death in a robbery, and his body was dumped in a culvert next to a road in Auburn.

In December, Craney's son, Dana M. Craney, was charged with beating his grandmother to death with a hammer.