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WASHINGTON (AP) -- Whether you're for it or against it -- you sure can't say that people are apathetic about the subject of Net Neutrality. The Federal Communications Commission says it has received 3.7 million comments on the issue of whether Internet providers should be allowed to cut deal with online services to move their content along faster. By contrast, that is more than twice the number of comments the FCC got after "nipplegate" -- when Janet Jackson and Justin Timberlake committed their now-infamous "wardrobe malfunction" during the 2004 Super Bowl. FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler has hinted that some deals between broadband providers and content sites might be OK with the feds. But opponents say the FCC is close to handing the Internet over to the highest bidders.

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LAS VEGAS (AP) -- It's an idea just how big a deal online gambling is. A new report from the American Gaming Association says the gambling industry paid out $38 billion in federal, state and local taxes last year. The report is significant because it's the first time that the group included some online gaming in the report, along with tax revenue from tribal casinos and casino-game makers. Of the $38 billion in total tax revenue, $10 billion came directly from gambling, with the report saying worker income and Social Security taxes and similar levies accounted for the rest.


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