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Quotes from around Maine about Leon Gorman
September 03, 2015 20:51 GMT

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"Leon Gorman was a great American who loved the state of Maine and built an iconic brand in L.L. Bean. His visionary leadership of the company created thousands of good jobs for Mainers. Along with his wife, Lisa, Leon was an extraordinarily generous contributor to countless causes including educational institutions and conservation organizations, reflecting his belief in our state's future and his determination to preserve its legacy."

-- U.S. Sen. Susan Collins

"We're incredibly grateful for Leon Gorman's lifelong commitment to protecting the Maine that we all love. Without Leon, Maine wouldn't be the place it is today environmentally and economically. His extremely successfully business defines Maine for people around the world. When people think of Maine, they think of L.L. Bean: a place to get your gear and get out in nature."

-- Lisa Pohlmann, executive director, Natural Resources Council of Maine

"Leon was a wonderful man and a gifted leader whose steady hand and pioneering vision helped transform L.L. Bean into the remarkable success it is today, and he did so while remaining true to the company's values and firmly rooted in the traditions and spirit of his beloved state. Above all else, Leon was defined by -- and will be remembered for -- his unmatched generosity of heart, his unwavering commitment to the people of our state, and his deep and abiding love for all that is Maine."

-- U.S. Sen. Angus King

"Through his visionary leadership, Leon imbued the iconic L.L. Bean with a set of values that embodied not only the standards he established for himself, but ones that reflect the very soul of Maine: honesty, integrity, respectfulness toward others, and never taking shortcuts when it comes to quality and craftsmanship. As a result L.L. Bean today is not just a legendary corporate brand but an emblem and trademark of excellence -- just like Leon. It is a worldwide model of what companies should be and what people who lead them ought to be."

-- Former Sen. Olympia Snowe