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Maine marine engineer cousins crafting custom snow skis
November 29, 2015 19:18 GMT

BETHEL, Maine (AP) -- Two cousins in Maine -- both marine engineers -- have teamed up to design and manufacture recreational skis.

The Lewiston Sun Journal reports ( ) that 30-year-old Toby Winkler and 24-year-old Jake Bracy, started by running their own skis through a table saw to see how they were made.

Winkler says he read an article about five years ago about a process to manufacture skis and plunged in when friends scoffed at his notion that he could do it.

Bracy and Winkler -- both graduates of Maine Maritime Academy -- are calling their cottage industry YOPP Clandestine Skis. Both avid skiers, they work on their craft during breaks from Merchant Marine duty.

They hope to put their skis into commercial production sometime next year.